Server Rules

Break the rules get banned. It’s Simple.

  •  NO GRIEVING/HACKING/PROFANITY/SPAMMING/ADVERTISING/ETC. This is a peaceful server, anything that upsets positive vibes is a no no. 

  •  WE ARE HERE TO BUILD AND CREATE AS A COMMUNITY OF LIKE MINDED INDIVIDUALS. NO DESTRUCTION OR THEFT OF PROPERTIES.  I want everyone to have a safe and worry free stay on this server.  This is grounds for a permanent BAN.  

  • MODERATER WORD IS LAW. No if’s ands or buts! 

Please keep in mind the following rules while participating:

  1. Be kind, polite, and professional. Users here who help you (or even just chat with you) are volunteering their time and effort. Please be kind, polite, and professional to them. This will make it easier for them to help you. You can be petty and mean literally anywhere else on the internet. Be respectful to everyone here and follow the instructions of the mods or you'll get banned. No bummers. 

  2. Don't spam. You only need to say something once, in one channel, for someone to see it. Don't use this server solely to spam or self-promote.  

  3. Don't break the law. This includes violations of the Mojang EULA. Encouraging piracy or EULA violations is not allowed on this Discord server. 

  4. Don't ping / mention / DM / send friend requests to / message staff. Ask your question in the appropriate channel - probably #🛠🛠bugs - and someone will try to respond when they have time. Read the pinned message(s) in each channel, make a strong effort to help yourself before asking for help from others, and be as clear as possible about where you're getting stuck. 

  5. Follow staff instructions. Be respectful to staff. There are no rule loopholes. Do not be disrespectful with staff. Do not argue with staff if they give you an instruction. Do not be rude to staff. Do not troll staff. Just because "this thing I did isn't in the rules" doesn't mean you can do whatever you want. This rule is the all-encompassing rule, and if you are rude or hostile or otherwise make it difficult to help you or are a jerk, you will probably be banned. There are no loopholes. 

  6. This is an English-only server. We can only provide support for (and moderate) English. Please speak English on this server.