The Craft is a Fantasy RPG Creative/Survival Mix.

We offer-

  • ReMade Economy with the Ability to Create Shops of Your Own.
  • New Quests Are Always Being Made!
  • A Unique New Twist on the normal "Clans" system, Now  Simply Covens.

Lead, Create, Explore! A Balanced Trust Based PEACEFUL Server! 

Some Cool Features We Have-     

  1. Custom Resource Pack (Most Items are There, Still a Work in Progress)    
  2. Customize Your Own Hero Experience-Class-Race-Professions
  3. Greif Prevention    
  4. Land Claims    
  5. Rebuilt Economy (villlagers still there but its easier than thier original prices)    
  6. Custom Vaults/Bank Accounts (for Players and Covens)    
  7. Better Bees ( empty hand click info on nests and hives to see how many bees and how full for harvest)    
  8. Safe Farming (crops dont break when you drop or fall on them, always plowed and wet and auto planting harvest)    
  9. Upgraded Clan System (now Covens, rank up to gain leadership abilities)    
  10. Advanced Teleport Signs (signs for teleports, rtp, warps gui, Bed)    
  11. Night Skipper (sleep Voter to skip Night/Storms)    
  12. Keep Inventory on PVP Kills    
  13. Cool Boss Bar Type Health Bar    
  14. Auto XP (no need to worry about orbs, automatically recieve experience)    
  15. Quests!!!!! A Growing List of Quests To Partake in